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Shimajiro: World of �WOW No.268 Dinosaurs

Shimajiro: World of �WOW No.268 Dinosaurs

Release: June, 17 2017
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    0:23 hrs
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    Using a colorful mix of animation and live action, this episode of “Shimajiro: A world of WOW!” conveys a variety of facts about dinosaurs. The episode is structured so that children are first introduced to the latest dinosaur research by an actual scientist, whose explanations are fleshed out immediately afterwards in an easily digestible and understandable format—an animated short featuring the popular character Shimajiro and his friends. Later segments include a song that uses elements of jazz and hip-hop to convey the thrill of visiting museums, a song about being chased by a variety of prehistoric creatures that features catchy choreography, and hidden object games that help the children learn dinosaur names—to be played with their parents. The final segment features several preschool children who gain a firsthand understanding of how big dinosaurs were by creating a full-scale 2D tyrannosaur out of cardboard pieces.
    Cast & credits


    Hiroshi Kawamata
    Isamu Hirabayashi
    Teppei Eriguchi
    Eri Asahi


    Akiko Uchiyama

    Hiroki Fujiwara

    Yukari Kiso

    Madoka Katsumata